Note on The Dialectics of Seeing

Fig. 1
Fig. 2


Fig. 3

Asja Lacis(left) and Dora Benjamin(right)

Fig. 4

Benjamin’s Notes found in the Bibliothe’que Nationale

Fig. 5

Sixteenth-century woodcut, chosen by Baudelaire as model for the frontispiece of Les Fleurs du mal, 2nd edition. See Historical Nature: Ruin

Fig. 6

Plan for frontispiece of Les Fleurs du mal, Bracquemond, 1859-60, rejected by Baudelaire.See Historical Nature: Ruin

Fig. 7

Frontispiece of Baudelaire’s Epaves, design by Félicien Rops, 1866.See Historical Nature: Ruin

Fig. 8

Galleria Principe Naples

Fig. 9

GUM, Moscow

Fig. 10

Hans Bayer bring ancients up to date

Fig. 11

Heartfield, Voice From the Swamp

Fig. 12

Interior, GUM, Moscow department store

Fig. 13

Kaisergalerie, Berlin

Fig. 14

Passage Choiseul

Fig. 15

Revolution in style

Chair with velvet upholstery, August Kitschelt, Vienna, 1851(upper left)

Work table, C.F. Grubb, Banbury, England, 1851(lower left)

Variant of the cantilever tubular steel chair, Marcel Breuer, Bauhaus, 1928(upper right)

Dismountable chair, Josef Albers, Banhaus, 1929(lower right)

Fig. 16

The Kaiser Gallery, a shopping arcade, built by Von Kyllmann and Heyden in 1969-73

  • Posted 5 August 2013